The worlds most intuitive CDE

Our software for process optimisation has been developed by competent employees with solid experience from the building industry. These employees are skilled people, who themselves have experienced the challenges that arise during a building process and, therefore, know that there is tremendous potential for optimising these processes.

With Locate we generate noticeable results and increased value for our customers. We do so, simply, because process optimisation minimises unnecessary waste of time. Our program gives your employees more time to focus on what is really important.

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What makes Locate Cloud unique?

The most intuitve search engine in the industry. You have the ability to search within the content of mails, documents and drawings. (our solution is 10 times faster than standard CDE solutions).

Automatic saving of files in the correct folders in compliance with PAS1192-2

Automatic coding of files in compliance with PAS1192-2

The most intuitve 3D viewer on the market. You can view and investigate the 3D models directly in the browser. 

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Do you want the Locate software?

If you wish our help to optimise your company’s processes – whether in the form of intelligent and quick localisation of files or smarter project management – we will give you an online demonstration of how the system works so you can get an insight into how it can benefit your company.

If, after the demonstration, you wish to purchase the Locate software, we will examine your existing processes to understand how they can be optimised. One of our competent consultants will do a thorough implementation course to make sure, your employees learn how to use the new system correctly and your company gets the most value from it.

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Free support

At Optimise Locate we know that time is money. Therefore, our support team is ready to help you Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Our service minded employees will do their very best to ensure that you quickly receive the help and guidance you need and that any problems you may experience are overcome. On weekdays, we will get back to you within an hour of your enquiry. Our great support is but one of the reasons why we have so many satisfied customers in the building industry all over the world.

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