Do you experience problems regarding:

• Quickly finding files?

• Getting value of DK BIPS A104 ore UK PAS 1192?

• That the folder structure is not being kept in your company?

• Getting the staff to save the documents the right place?

• Finding important project-related mails?

• Getting the employees to use the latest version of a document?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to one or several of these question, perhaps Locate Cloud is the perfect solution for your company.

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Revolutionising search function

With Locate’s innovative and intuitive search function, you will always be able to find any and all files in a split second. You can search directly in the content of the files or you can do a combined search.

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Automatic tagging of files

When you save a file, it will automatically be tagged and, thereby, saved in the correct folder. Therefore, you do not have to worry about saving your files in the correct folders. With Locate the files will always be automatically saved in the correct folders.

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Template Library

We have encountered several managers, who find it difficult to make sure employees work according to the company’s templates. This problem is often related to the fact that it is difficult for employees to find the newest template and get an overview of which templates are to be used. Consequently, we have created a template library which makes it easy for employees to quickly find the relevant templates.

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Outlook Plugin

With Locate’s Outlook plugin you can easily transfer your files to Locate.

We know how important it is to be able to find the e-mail you are searching for in an instant. Therefore, we have created a plugin which allows employees to easily transfer their e-mails from Outlook to Locate. Within the plugin we have integrated a so-called ‘Machine Learning’, which makes it easier for employees to transfer their e-mails to the relevant projects and folders.

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Create your own metadata fields

With Locate you can design your own metadata fields. Thereby, you can control and describe which information your employees should add to their files. This solution makes it easier to find files, and it gives a better understanding of what kind of information the file contains.

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Automatic coding of files

Many employees find it difficult and time consuming to code their files under BIPS A104. Therefore, Locate has a built-in automatic file navigation function. You simply choose the relevant information from a drop-down menu, and the Locate system automatically codes the file with the relevant code. Simple and easy!

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